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Training with The PT Studio

Personal Training Prices

1-1 Personal Training

Our 1-1 personal training and group personal training memberships are charged on a monthly basis but to help you compare your options we've included the equivalent price per session. Payments are made by Direct Debit and can be up- or downgraded as long as you let us know by the 20th of the month.

  Bronze Silver Gold
  1 a week 2 a week 3 a week
1 Person £40 £173  £38 £329 £36 £468
2 Person £26 £112 £25 £216 £24 £312
3 Person £20 £86 £19 £164 £18 £234

Paid monthly in advance. PPPS : per person per session, PCM : per person per month

Kickstart Programme

Our 8-week Kickstart Programme is a one-off cost of £820. At just £34.17 a session, this is the cheapest way to get one-to-one training with us.