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Kickstart Programme

The Kickstart Programme is ideal for anyone looking to completely transform their health and fitness in a short amount of time.

It is also recommended for people who want to look and feel their best for an upcoming special event. This could be a wedding, holiday, graduation or school/family reunion for example.

The programme lasts for eight weeks and consists of three 1-1 personal training sessions each week. During this time, we’ll help you get fitter, lose weight and improve your diet so that you can feel happier and more confident in your day-to-day life.

The programme is the same as our Gold personal training package except that 30 minutes each week are dedicated to discussing your food diary and helping you make healthier food choices.

The Kickstart Programme includes:

  • Three 1-1 personal training sessions each week for 8 weeks
  • Nutrition support and advice
  • A weekly food diary
  • A booklet of healthy recipes
  • Monthly weigh-ins and measurements
  • Before and after photos to see your progress
  • Regular email support to keep you on track
  • Weekly monitoring and goal setting
  • Motivation and accountability

Unlike our standard personal training and group personal training sessions, the Kickstart Programme has a one-off cost. This is paid at the start of the programme and includes a discount of £44 compared with the equivalent Gold personal training package. Full details can be found on our prices page.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Kickstart Programme and want to make sure it’s right for you, you’re very welcome to come in for a free trial session with one of our personal trainers. They’ll discuss your goals and ask you about your current diet and lifestyle so that they can advise you on the most appropriate type of diet and exercise for you. You can arrange your consultation here.

The Kickstart Programme is offered at both of our studios so please get in touch with our Chelmsford team if you have any questions or need help with anything.

I am delighted that my clothes feel slightly looser.

I have been delighted with the results I have seen over the past 4 weeks. I have really been enjoying the strength training I have been doing; I feel that working out with weights is very beneficial to fat loss as muscle burns calories. I have cut out Diet Coke and have been eating mostly a sugar-free diet, with the exception of a few treats. I am delighted that my clothes feel slightly looser and I feel more energetic. 

- 5

I have started to feel much fitter and stronger and have lots more energy.

I have started to feel much fitter and stronger and have lots more energy. Your sessions have been tough but have given me the confidence to get back into the gym and start exercising again. I actually enjoy and look forward to working out now! 

- 5

I am physically and mentally stronger, more relaxed, and generally fitter in every way!

I have just completed the Transformation Programme, an 8-week course with 3 sessions per week with Natalie and Tiff. I had lost all motivation to exercise and couldn't find the time, juggling work/children/life in general, plus my back problem was getting worse. Booking this personal training course was the best thing I ever did - I am physically and mentally stronger, more relaxed, and generally fitter in every way! Committing to the course and knowing that all I had to do was "turn up" three times a week took the pressure off me and actually spurred me into finding the time to exercise around those three sessions also. The eating guide was also really helpful, the recipes are easy and family-friendly and as a result, the whole household is benefiting. Natalie and Tiff were very encouraging in the PT sessions and offered practical lifestyle advice as well. Definitely highly recommended.

- 5